JAŠA (Mrevlje-Pollak)

Born 1978, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lives and works in New York and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Graduated in 2006 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy.


SOLO SHOWS and PROJECTS (selected):



UNTITLED 2017, offspace.xyz, New York

Above All We Are Not Done / WhiteBox NY, New York

The Relations / Curated by Mitra Khorasheh / Dalston Pier, FRIEZE London

ULAY & JAŠA / Cutting Through the Clouds of Myth / Curated by Mitra Khorasheh / Kustera Project, New York

CHRONICLES / Log No.1: Utter / the violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope /  UGM, Maribor



UTTER / the violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope / Pavillion of Slovenia, 56th International Art Exhibition /

la Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy

UNTITLED, 2015 / Krampf Gallery, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

UTTER / the violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope / off-site performance, Spoleto, Italy

THIS IS NOT THE SEASON TO STAY SILENT / FLOW festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia

TRISTAN & ISOLDE / Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Prague, Czech Republic



TRISTAN & ISOLDE (project by Meta Grgurevič & JAŠA), SNG Opera & Balet, Ljubljana

CRYSTAL C, Pioneer Works, New York

ULTRA HEATED HEARTS, Pioneer Works, New York

CRYSTAL C, Tobačna 001 & Vžigalica Gallery, Ljubljana



CLOUD TAILOR (project by Jyrki Riekki & JAŠA), Sinne Gallery, Helsinki

GALANTERIE MECHANIQE - (project by Meta Grgurevič & Urša Vidic) in collaboration with KALU and BOWRAIN, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

FATHER & SON / DRAWING A LINE THROUGH THE CLOUDS OF MYTH, curated by Michele Drascek, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana

THE LOVEST, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana




APNEA’S RHAPSODY, On Stellar Rays Gallery, New York

SINGLE ride out while touching the sky, A+A, (curator: Juan de Nieves) Venice

FRIENDLY WAR (project: JAŠA & Jyrki Riekki), Kibla, Maribor

THE LOVEST, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana



(the yellow dot), MSUM (Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova) / official opening event, Ljubljana 

IT’S O-KEY, Avista Showroom, Milano, Italy

BLOOM, Jeromo Zodo Contemporary Gallery, Milano, Italy

TO BE MODERN, Spiga 2, Milano, Italy

DOLPHIN’S DREAM, Viafarini, Milano, Italy 

THE LOVEST, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana



BIG KISS…(for the stranger) part of X-OP-ART project, (in collaboration with Rasmus Hedlund), Maa space, Helsinki

THE LOVEST / THE BEGINING, Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto

REVIEW-PREVIEW, Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana

THE LAST LANDSCAPE OF PLEASURE, Platform’s studio, Vaasa, Finland 

THE LOVEST, Museum of modern art, Ljubljana



RADIKAL CHIC the book /00-09 projects reviewed (project: Janez Vidrih & JAŠA), Vale-Novak’s bookstore and public spaces, Ljubljana


PUSHBANG, (project: Mark Požlep & JAŠA) part of Magdalena festival, Pekarna, Maribor

FINGERSTICK RADIO, (project: Mark Požlep & JAŠA & guests), abandoned shop and public spaces, Celje

TIME TO BECOME POETS (project: Mark Požlep & JAŠA) part of The Branch, Sextan et plus, La Friche Belle de mai, Marseille, France

FUCKED UP DREAMER (with Luka Uršič) part of Akto_4, public spaces, Bitola

FOR A BETTER TOMORROW (Project: Viktor Bernik, Meta Grgurevič & JAŠA), City Art Museum, Ljubljana



STARDIM, to whom it may concern my life is falling apart, part of Akto_3, abandoned summer cinema, Bitola

AGAINST THE HISTORY FOR A BIT OF GOOD OLD LOVE (project: Mark Požlep & JAŠA), Center of Contemporary Art, Celje

IN GOOD WE TRUST, Ganes Pratt Gallery & Theater Glej, Ljubljana



REVIEW – PREVIEW, Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana

NOWHERE TO BE SEEN part of DIGISTARS by Kibla, Kontekst Gallery, Beograd

ACTING OUT, Galleria L’Occhio, Venezia, Italy


RADIKAL CHIC, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana



LET’ S PUT AN END TO ALL THE DISASTERS, Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana

LET’ S MAKE AN END TO ALL THE DISASTERS part of THE LIGHT/ Sarajevo winter festival 2006, Kinoteka and public spaces, Sarajevo

BLA BLA ME, France Mihelič Gallery and Fo.Vi Gallery and public space, Ptuj



THE BIG SHOW, Hribar’s Gallery / S Gallery/ Cazamati space, Ljubljana



DAFNE REVISITED (project: Crash in Progress, & Plan9, Benjamin Produkcija, Passaporta), A+A Gallery, Venezia

WORLD OF IT´S OWN, Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venice, Italy



QUATRO GIORNATE DI BERLINO (project: Crash in Progress) part of 87MA MOSTRA COLLETIVA BEVILAQUA LA MASA, Piazza San Marco Gallery, Venezia

LE SIGNORINE (project: Crash in Progress) part of GEMINE MUSE, Galleria Internazionale d’ arte Moderna Ca’ Pesaro, Venezia

DAFNE (project:  Crash in Progress, & Plan9, Benjamin Produkcija, Passaporta), Spazio Thetis, Venezia

GROUP SHOWS and PROJECTS (selected):



GALANTERIE MECHANIQE FILL ARGENT (project by Meta Grgurevič & Urša Vidic) with LEFTFINGER and BOWRAIN, part of THE 30TH BIENNIAL OF GRAPHIC ARTS, curator Deborah Cullen, MGLC, Ljubljana

GODS CAME FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT (project; Mark Požlep & JAŠA) part of U3 - 7TH TRIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN SLOVENIA: RESILIANCE / Curator: Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, MSUM, Ljubljana

MATERIALNOST, curator: Žiga Dobnika & Aleksandra Kostič, KIBLA Portal, Maribor



ALMOST SPRING, 100 years of Slovene art, curator Simona Vidmar, UGM (Slavija), Maribor

OUTRO_my favourite tangible moment in this line of thoughts, curator Marrita Mukkonen, Kaapeli Gallery, Helsinki

HONEST NEED TO BELIEVE part of BEAUTIFUL PAINTING IS BEHIND US, curator Eva Huber & Arne Brejc, UGM, Maribor

IT WAS THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE, Ganes Pratt / Mala Galerija, Ljubljana



DRAWING A LINE THROUGH THE CLOUDS OF MYTH part of Narratives in Progress, Curator: Juan de Nieves, Regional Museum, Celje 

THE 29TH BIENNIAL OF GRAPHIC ARTS, Curator: Beti Žirovec, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Ljubljana, 

I CAN GIVE YOU 2 HOURS (OF MY TIME), BUT CAN NOT GIVE YOU 5 MINUTES, part of THE STATE OF ART, Accademie Pavilion, 54th Venice Biennale, Venice 





I DON’T KNOW IF I’VE EXPLAINED MYSELF, project by Chris Evans, Mala Galerija, Ljubljana

WHAT’S HAPPENING? STEREO EXHIBITION (curators: Petja Grafenauer, Vanja Žanko), City Gallery, Nova Gorica 



FEAR IS MY GOD, part of A CAMEL IS A HORSE DESIGNED BY A COMMITTEE (ATTEMPTS AT REWRITING THE WOR(L)D – exhibition at the end of  the XV Advanced Course in Visual Arts FAR, Palazzetto Tito and public spaces, Venezia

DANCER AND HIS BROKEN SHOES, part of CORSO APERTO, XV Advanced Course in Visual Arts FAR, Visiting Professor Walid Raad, Vila Sucota and public spaces, Como



THE PIPE DREAM, part of NECESSARY DISCURSE ON HYSTERIA, curated by Jernej Kožar & Rado Poggi,  Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts, Slovenj Gradec 

TIME DREAMING ITSELF (project: Francois Martig & JAŠA), Hotel de Ville, Strasbourg

CITY EPISODES part of MUSEUM ON THE STREETS, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, public spaces, Ljubljana

FIREPLACE, AXE & THE BANANA PEEL (project: Mark Požlep) Plevnik- Kronkowska Gallery, Celje

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, Slovene Contemporary Painting, curated by Nadja Gnamuš & Petja Grafenauer Krnc, Ganes Pratt Gallery Ljubljana & Art Saloon, Celje

NEVER SURE EXACTLY WHAT I’LL FIND (project: Meta Grgurevič in collaboration with Simone Settimo & JAŠA), Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana



LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: “All the better to see you with”, (project: Matej Kejžar & JAŠA, in collaboration with, Revanša & Ekipa), Linhart’s Hall, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana

JÜRGEN part of EVERY MAN IS A CURATOR (project: Viktor Bernik, Mark Požlep, Meta Grgurevič, Urša Vidic, Janez Janša, Simone Settimo, Jasmina Cibic & JAŠA), Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana

BAD GIRLS & BAD BOYS (project: Žiga Kariž, Viktor Bernik, Mark Požlep, Meta Grgurevič, Urša Vidic, Simone Settimo, Jasmina Cibic, Ištvan Išt Huzjan & JAŠA), City Art Museum, Ljubljana

I GOT TO FIND A WAY TO F_ _ L THE SPACE IN TIME part of OHO – selection for the award for young avant-garde artists, Center and Gallery P74, Ljubljana



OPEN 2006 / Cocktail Problem (project: Meta Grgurevič & JAŠA), public space, Venezia Lido

ARHIPELAG / Check Point (project: Ištvan Išt Huzjan & JAŠA), produced by Kapelica Gallery, Nova Gorica & Gorizia 

LIFE IN A BOX (project: Ištvan Išt Huzjan & JAŠA), public spaces, Ljubljana

ATELIER F 2006, (also editions 2004, 2003 and 2002) Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia

PROSTOROZ / Keep on Waving Your Guns, public space (Karlovški most), Ljubljana

WORK IN PROGRES, 10 artists from Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, in collaboration with La Biennale di Venezia, Spazio Fondaco, Venezia



M.O.M.O. Museum Of Modern Objects (project: Crash in Progress) part of ORANGE curator: Massimo Barbero,  Galleria Galica, Milano

VIDEO.IT 7 – 2005, (curator: Francesco Poli, Mario Gorni, Elena Volpato, Natalia Casorati), Circolo Artisti, Torino

LEO’S FALL (project: Marco Schievenin & JAŠA), part of XII BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS PASSION Napoli

FUNNY HOW SECRETS TRAVEL (project: Ištvan Išt Huzjan & JAŠA) part of SIAB, 6. Student International Art Biennial, City Museum of Skopje, Skopje



Q13, BUILDING, Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre Venice, Italy

LABORATORIO DI SCULTURA EUROPEA, KiT (project: Crash in Progress), Curator: Luca Massimo Barbero, Villa Marignana Benetton, Mogliano Veneto




1993 – 1997 Gimnazija Poljane, Classical class, Ljubljana

1999 - 2004 Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, class of Carlo Di Raco (diploma in painting -110/110 cum laude), Venice

2005 - 2007 Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, class of Carlo Di Raco (second diploma in painting and multimedia - 110/110 cum laude), Venice


WORKSHOPS (selected):

2010 X-OP-ART, invited by KIBLA, Helsinki

2009 XV ADVANCED VISUAL COURSE, visiting professor WALID RAAD, Como

2008 KIM JONES – WAR DRAWINGS, Viafarini, Milano 

2007 NUROPE, LJUBLJANA OASIS, together with the creative group of PRISTOP and IRWIN, presentation of Slovene young art scene 



* In 2011 he received a grant by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia for his residency project “Dolphin’s Dream” at Viafarini.

* In 2008 received a grant by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia for professional artists as recognition and support for his artistic achievements

* In the period 2002 to 2005 he was receiving the bursary for talented students studying abroad given by the City’s department of Culture, Ljubljana.

* In 2006 he was given the annual Prize by Rotary’s Club Ljubljana for his research in visual arts

* In  2011 he was given the grant by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia for professional artists as recognition and support for his artistic achievements abroad.

* since 2004 his artistic research and projects are financed by a group of individual supporters gathered in an unofficial group named “Skupina”; Franci Zavrl, Aleš Jenčič, Aljoša Ivančič, Slavc Vrhunc and Primož Nemec.



* 1999-2005 member of an international artistic group CRASH IN PROGRESS with Giorgio Andreotta Caló, Simone Settimo, Peter Furlan &  Martina de Lugnani.

* 2003 – 2006 member of an artistic duo BLACK STAR PRODUCTION with Ištvan Išt Huzjan.

* since 2005 collaborates with Simone Settimo as J&S CONSTRUCTIONS on various projects

* in 2006 he founded a dance & performing experimental group EKIPA with Neža Mrevlje

* since 2007 collaborates with the artist Mark Požlep on various projects and interventions

* 2007 - 2009 he founded an audio-performing group REVANŠA! with Miha Zbašnik and Aljoša Cetinski

* in 2009 he founded an audio experimental group LEFTFINGER with Luka Uršič and Janez Vidrih

* since 2009 works with KUD LJUD performing group

* since 2010  founder and member of an art association BANZAI! With Meta Grgurevič and Mark Požlep

* in 2010 he founded THE LOVEST, an artistic autonomous zone inside the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana and in full collaboration with the staff of the museum and growing group of collaborators and supporters.

* in 2010 he founded JURGEN VALILNICA, along with Mark Požlep, Meta Grgurevič, Luka Uršič, Primož Nemec and Matjaž Brulc in Tovarna Rog, project space dedicated for younger generation of artists

* co-founder and collaborator of GANES PRATT GALLERY with Primož Nemec since 2003 in Ljubljana under production pseudonym SWEET HOUSE PRODUCTIONS 

* collaborates with Ganes Pratt Gallery from Ljubljana, Jeromo Zodo Contemporay Gallery from Milano and On Stellar Rays Gallery from New York.



15.01. – 07.04.2011, VIAFARINI, Milano 

01.12.2009 - 01.02.2010, PLATFORM, Vaasa 

01.08 – 17. 09. 2009, the BRANCH, OTTO PROD / La VITRINE, Marseille

- 15.02 - 15.03. 2009, Apartment and studio, provided by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, New York 

- since 01.08.2005 winner of one of six residential studios for the young artist, studio complex provided by the city of Ljubljana 



*2009 -2010 lectures: Novia Nykarlaby, ALU Ljubljana, Moo Helsinki

* 2006 - 2008 worked as tutor on “structuring an art project” at Famul-Stuart Shool for Visual arts, Ljubljana

* since 2008 works as a part–time tutor with Carlo Di Raco in Atelier F in the form of adviser, lecturer,  coordinator and workshop leader, Accademia Di Belle Arti di Venezia.


AWARDS (selected):

- Fondazione RATTI, XV ADVANCED VISUAL COURSE, Award of the Fourth Epson FAR Prize for artistic research as a recognition for his artistic achievements.

- nominated for the OHO AWARD 

- LEO’S FALL was selected for the XII Biennial of Young Artists

- FUNNY HOW SECRETS TRAVEL was selected for the SIAB, 6. Student International Art Biennial

- winner of the VIDEO_IT 7 with the video work “Crash in Progress”